Career Coaching Package


Our service supports individuals in finding their ideal job and career path. Typically several calls covering:

    1. Modified Life Mapping Session: Who am I? What are my skills, drives, and goals? How do they influence my future?
    2. Portfolio Review: What do the jobs I am interested in require/look for? How do my resume, cover letter, and supporting materials line up?
    3. Career Coaching Map: What are your short and long-term goals? The goal of this session is to develop a plan to ensure steady ongoing personal and professional growth.


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Individuals often dedicate a significant amount of time and effort towards finding a new workplace. Our team offers a service centered around you as an individual working towards determining a path geared towards success. We use our resources to clarify your interests, behavioral drives,  and life resources and help determine suitable target areas worthwhile of your focus. Following this, we review sample job specifications and your current application portfolio (resume, cover letter, sample portfolio, etc.) and ensure alignment.

We work with you to determine career mapping objectives and set milestone achievements for you to work towards.


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