Life Mapping


What does a Life Mapping session entail?

  • A 60-minute guided session using a five-step process of reflection
    • Exploration of personal and professional blueprint (Been-Are-Be)
    • Identification of challenges, themes, strengths and values
  • An additional 30-minute debrief session of your Life Map

Many of our clients opt for additional Services because they may want to have an Accountability Partner or Coach. We do have Personal and Professional Coaching available after your Life Mapping exercise where more tools and activities will be introduced that will assist you along the way. Be sure to contact us if you have questions or want us to help you with your personal or professional journey.


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Life Mapping is a part of our career coaching services. Through the years, many of us have created vision boards, set yearly goals, and achieved many of the things we set out to do. However, looking forward is only one piece of the puzzle as we strive to be the best version of ourselves. When we start the self-discovery process from a point of significance near the beginning of our lives, reflect backward and project forward, explore life themes, examine our strengths and values, and celebrate our lessons and successes, we truly begin to illuminate the path or paths in front of us.

Although our paths intersect with many individuals, our journeys are unique. Investing time and embracing the essence of Life Mapping will unlock energy, creativity, and power as you strive purposefully in the world around you.



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