Directors: Dr. Kristine Quade, Kaleigh Williams, and Mindy Maggio

Purpose of this Collaborative

Athena Valley of the Sun is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the growth and development of female leaders from all ages. The Athena Valley of the Sun leadership team focuses their tireless efforts on the personal and professional development of female high school and college students, professionals, executives and business owners. Athena Valley of the Sun aligns its programming to four philosophical values: Illuminate, Grow, Champion, and Honor. The organization aligns each of these philosophical values to the Becoming ATHENA Eight Principles of Enlighted Leadership that are described in the Becoming ATHENA book by Martha Mayhood Mertz (2015, pp 96-97). Athena Valley of the Sun members are dedicted to life-long learning so that they can mentor those around them.

Areas of Focus

There are many opportunities to get involved with Athena Valley of the Sun. You can join our membership group and visit us on our FaceBook page. We also offer a variety of workshops to learn more about Athena Valley of the Sun and the eight ATHENA Leadership Principles. These workshops are offered in 4 hour, 4 week, and 8 week formats.

To Apply

If you have questions or would like to become a member or attend a workshop, please complete the Athena Valley of the Sun contact page. We look forward to connecting with you soon.​