Directors: Dr. Kathy Wenzlau & Dr. Cindy Lopez

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If you have questions or need assistance with your dissertation work, you can complete this Interest Application and one of our team will contact you for a 30-minute interview. We help assess your readiness for a dissertation coach, Chapter 2 coach, editing, and form and format. We will also answer your questions. We would love to discuss your work with you. There is no obligation to use our services if you are not ready or believe you can do the work yourself. Simply click here, complete the application, and we will call you back. Best to you in this journey! 
Purpose of this Collaborative Community

The Dissertation Collaborative is designed to meet doctoral students where they are at in their dissertation process and help structure and guide them toward the completion of their degree. Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task. Therefore, we offer complimentary advice and access to paid services, such as, dissertation coaching, writing assistance, editing, and form and formatting. 

We also have professional dissertation coaches, who are experienced in providing constructive and targeted feedback in order to keep our students progressing forward. Our coaches will help create realistic work plans with students and provide coaching through mental/writer’s blocks in order to keep the student on track.



Areas of Focus

Our Dissertation Collaborative is right for you if you need help in any of the following areas:

  • Alignment of your Research
  • Organization of Ideas
  • Structuring and Writing the Review of Literature
  • Methodology and Research Design
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Implications and Results
  • Preparation for Oral Proposal and Defense
  • Writing Assistance
  • Editing and Form & Format Services
To Apply

To submit your Learner Interest Application click on the following link:

Learner Interest Application

Once we receive your application, a member of our team will schedule a 30-minute interview with you to explore your needs and explain the next steps in the process.


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