Directors: Dr. Mark Stone | Coming Soon | Meetings: Zoom Rooms & In-Person

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Purpose of this Collaborative

A program to enable emerging adults to become emerging leaders. Maximizing potential during the age of identity exploration, instability, self-focus, feeling in between, possibilities. We offer programs for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Speaking in Public, and Life Skills. We are also offering an Emerging Leader Certificate and College Referral Letter for our young adult volunteers for their volunteer hours. 

Emerging Leader Qualifications – Details Coming Soon
  • Emerging Leader Certificate
  • College Referral Letter
Associated Events – Details Coming Soon
  • Youth Sports with Aneeko/CCC
  • Emerging Leader Voices
  • Jiu-jitsu
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club
  • Youth Multi Sports | 3-a-side Soccer 
To Apply

To register your interest in signing up as a participant or operating a community program please get in touch.

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