Director(s): Dr. James Smith

Purpose of this Collaborative

Dr. James Smith manages our Non-Profit Executive Collaborative and is also the owner of Pneuma Consulting, LLC. Pneuma Consulting offers an array of business development supports. Pneuma is an ancient Greek word for breath. In classical philosophy, it is translated as spirit or most often soul. Every organization is a living, viable organism with a heart and a pulse, and more specifically, a system that has a soul.

Areas of Focus

We believe that organizational change and growth are derivatives of the condition of an organization’s soul. Our job is to breathe new energy into existing systems in order to stimulate strategic thinking, to foster growth, and to achieve desired outcomes.

Chester Barnard, a pioneering public administration theorist, believed that an organization’s success is directly connected to those who manage and engage the internal systems. In other words, human beings drive organizational success.

Pneuma’s focus is not just to understand the complexity of operational systems and the challenges of change. In our engagement with your company, our first goal is to understand the problem and those who drive change within the system. We value the human experience in the workplace and are keenly aware that people implement change.

What makes us different from other consultants you ask? Simple. Our business philosophy is framed upon the notion that growth and success require innovative thinking and an appreciation for humanity in the workplace. No solution, no strategy, nor innovative idea can work without consideration of human capital.

To Apply

Our commitment is to understand your business, your people, and your culture so that our best thinking and expertise emerges to help you achieve your goals.  From planning to evaluation, Pneuma Consulting, LLC commits to providing our clients with an exceptional experience that is designed to achieve client outcomes. Our expertise includes:

·      Strategic Visioning and Planning

·      Executive Coaching

·      Fund and Business Development

·      Succession Planning and Executive Transition

·      Organizational Assessments

·      Board Recruitment and Training

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