Director(s): Mindy Maggio and Dr. Lori Wieters

Purpose of this Collaborative

Now more than ever, people are seeking more meaningful work, making the most of their time in how they live and how they lead. We help visionary leaders and those that need their teams to get on board to take their ideas to execution. We help people overcome challenges they face on their projects and in their careers and help them become better leaders. For the individual (manager, director, project manager), this can translate into gaining control of a project, building better relationships with their teams and their customers, and increasing their confidence and personal impact. As organizations transition from micro-business to small businesses or as larger organizations outgrow their current standards, the structure and the processes and procedures relating to the business have to change. Therefore, this collaborative offers a variety of organizational efficiency and project expertise.

Mindy Maggio is a leadership coach and consultant, with over 25 years of leadership experience in the technology and project management space. Her passion inspires visionary leaders to realize their potential and amplify their ideas to make a significant impact.

Dr. Lori Wieters has more than 25 years of project and change management expertise. She enjoys moving an organization from some current state to a targeted future state. As a project manager and a Six Sigma Greenbelt with Lean training, she has a depth of expertise that can be applied to any size project or initiative. Lori and Mindy combine their knowledge and skills to help their clients achieve their goals and operational initiatives.

“People skills, more than technical skills, typically account for 80 percent of success in a leadership role.” (private client)

Areas of Focus
  • Technology Project Management and Operations Coaching, Consulting and Training
  • Project Management, Leadership Mentoring and Training
    • Communication Skills and Planning, Process Improvement / Problem Solving Skills, Organizational Skills
    • Budget Fundamentals, Leadership/coaching mindset, Succession Planning
    • Execution Strategy, Strategic Planning and Roadmaps
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Advisor and Crisis Management Planning
  • Inventory Management Consulting and Training
  • Process Mapping, Analysis, and Design
  • Lean and Six Sigma Training and Implementation
  • Safety Evaluations and Ergonomic Evaluations and Recommendations
Services that Apply
  1. One-hour project consultation (Complimentary)
  2. One-hour management mentoring session (Complimentary)
  3. Project Review – Current State to Future State Assessment
  4. Go-Live Readiness Assessments, Process Mapping, Analysis, and Design
  5. Workshops: Networking 101, Project Management 101, Management Skills 101, Organizing Projects Workshop

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